7th Ave. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Your Professional Choice for Pain and Stress Relief 7th Avenue, New York

Why Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation?

Convenient. Comprehensive.
Located in New York City, 7th Ave Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (7th Ave. PMR) is a widely-acclaimed physical medicine and rehabilitation center that offers exceptional care and assistance to patients affected by sudden illnesses and injuries as well as those who are suffering from prolonged sickness and pain and are struggling to lead a normal life.

Customized. To you and your lifestyle
Here, at 7th Ave. PMR, patients who are unable to live pain-free and active lives regain their physical and moral strength through daily therapy, counseling, and meditation. During the first visit of your visit, the physiatrists at 7th Ave Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation examine you, review your health history and develop a timetable with appropriate treatment plans. We help you get rid of various ailments such as neck and back pains, common musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders, pelvic pain and dysfunction, sciatica and herniated discs without the use of surgical techniques.

No one is perfect.
With our effective treatments we correct defects, decrease inflammations of joints, increase muscle strength, improve balance, coordination and walking ability, increase flexibility, and above all prevent injury.We offer individualized rehabilitation and provide pleasurable and stimulating activities such as games, crafts, reading and even manicures to our patients. Being an accredited physical medicine and rehabilitation center, we accept all major insurance plans. The rehabilitation plan at 7th Ave Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation meets the needs of both children and adults alike. All our patients are given the opportunity to ask questions and openly discuss problems or situations with our physiatrist. Specialists work closely with you; thereby helping them you fight physical challenges and develop strength for the future.

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