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Freedom from pain. Restoration of movement
7th Ave Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, a premium pain management facility (7th Ave. PMR) is located in midtown Manhattan. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy freedom from pain? Wouldn’t you like to have more movement? When you join the 7rth Ave. PMR team, you may experience a broad spectrum of medications and treatments for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders.

Effectively relieve moderate to moderately severe (chronic, cancer and acute) pain and mental depression. Medications given include:

  • Common Pain Relievers - Used to eliminate minor pain and headaches. Non-aspirin drugs in combination with other treatments are recommended.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs - For immediate pain relief and to reduce swelling and irritation, an anti-inflammatory drug such as aspirin, buffered aspirin and aspirin with acetaminophen are prescribed to patients presenting with pain, fever and inflammation. In more serious inflammatory conditions (chronic arthritis), steroidal drugs are recommended.
Where ordinary prescription drugs fail to act, we utilize effective pain management techniques (physical medicine) such as:
  • Acupuncture - used to stimulate specific anatomic points by inserting very thin needles to particular points on the skin.
  • Nerve blocks - are pain relieving injections, injected at the source of the pain.
  • Electrical Stimulation - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is the painless procedure used to reduce pain by stimulating nerve fibers deep in the skin.
  • Injection Treatments - to reduce irritations, muscle spasms and swellings by injecting medicines like local anesthetics with or without cortisone into muscles, joints, or around nerve roots.
  • Surgery - surgical treatments are recommended only when other treatment alternatives are ineffective or inappropriate.
  • Physical and aquatic therapy - comprise of excellent exercise programs, which will be supportive to get back into usual activities at maximum range of response.
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