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Physical Medicine

What is "physical medicine?"
Physical medicine treatments are aimed at restoring you to full, pain-free function. 7th Ave Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (7th Avenue PMR) is located in midtown Manhattan, New York, and offers specialized physical medicine and rehabilitation treatments for patients of all ages.

Who performs physical medicine treatments?
At 7th Ave Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation center, you will work with licensed physiatrists, trained to pinpoint and treat physical disabilities. Your physical medicine team includes physiatrists, rehabilitation specialists, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and other medical specialists who are proficient in providing orthopedic, neurological, rheumatologic, and cardiopulmonary care.

What conditions are treated?
Spinal cord disorders, sports-related injuries, work-related injuries, brain injury, arthritis, dysphagia, lymphedema, muscular dystrophy (MS), osteoporosis, amputation, stroke, and many other conditions are treated ad 7th Avenue PMR. We also take care of musculoskeletal disorders such as fibromyalgia, herniated discs, neck and back pain, low back pain, tendonitis, sciatica, pinched nerves, peripheral joint dysfunction and more.

One size does NOT fit all
You are unique: you deserve a unique physical medicine recovery and wellness program that suits your needs. Evaluating your biological, psychological and social needs, we determine which type treatment methods are best suited for you. Our physical medicine treatments include manual therapies, acupuncture, therapeutic exercise, pharmaceuticals, injection techniques and more. All major medical insurance plans including BCBS, United Healthcare, Oxford, Auto Accident Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance are welcome.

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