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It is understood that most working people feel that too many hours are spent at work leaving not enough time at home. Time at home is valuable and most people do not wish to spend this time searching for a healthcare specialist or searching for information pertaining to workplace ailments. This represents an important reason for the development and sustenance of The Corporate Wellness Department of 7th Avenue Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. We bring the healthcare specialists & the health related information to you.

Many health problems, especially those problems that are common in the workplace (carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, lower back pain, foot ailments, vision problems) are preventable. People need information, guidance and support of healthier lifestyles to decrease the risk of developing health problems. When health problems are avoided, productivity increases and absenteeism decreases which will help any company’s bottom line.

In the past 5 years, The Corporate Wellness Department of 7th Avenue Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation has coordinated, produced, and delivered many successful health fairs in the New York/New Jersey areas. Positive feedback has been provided from all of the companies we have provided health fair/wellness day services for. These companies include and are not limited to Emat & Young, Skadden Arps, Winston and Strawn, Google, Merrill Lynch, Amtrak, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Federated Department Stores, Lucille Roberts, and Crunch Fitness. Your company would be a fantastic addition.

Popular stations at these events include:

Physical Medicine – Conditions such as neck sprain/strain, lower back sprain/strain, knee, hamstring and shoulder problems, etc., are common in the workplace. A physician will be in attendance to educate and screen for musculoskeletal disorders and pain.

Massage Therapy – Massage therapists are always well received at these events. The benefits provided by regular massage therapy are numerous. Anyone attending the health fair may speak to one of our qualified massage therapists and receive a complimentary mini-massage. Our massage therapist will help you determine how massage can help your physical health as well as your mental well-being.

Podiatry – All day everyday the feet are used to absorb shock and to cushion various joints or structures. They are also quite important in locomotion. Our foot specialist will gladly address foot ailments & how orthotics may be of help to you.

Dentistry – Most of us have been preached to since early childhood about the importance of oral hygiene. We are aware that if we do not treat our teeth well now then our teeth will not treat us well later. Our dental group will provide information, teeth care products, and answer general dental questions if you so desire.

Vision – With more and more of the workforce in front of computers for endless hours it is no surprise that vision problems are being more commonly reported. Our vision specialist will be in attendance to provide tips for preserving your eyes, as well as providing screenings for common ocular disorders.

Other health fair topics/services include

  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional advice
  • Personal training/exercise
  • Reiki
  • Body fat analysis
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Flu shots
  • Cholesterol testing
  • Glucose testing

The Corporate Wellness Department of 7th Avenue Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation understands that it is usually difficult to allot an entire day for the purpose of health screenings/health education. For this reason we attempt to schedule the events during lunchtime (usually 11-2), which we will gladly cater. We also like to encourage employee participation so there will be a raffle ticket given to all who take time to visit the wellness fair. Raffle prizes vary; however most are usually related to healthy living or a healthy lifestyle.

Please contact Mark Goldstein at doc7ave@aol.com or at 212.768.7979 to further discuss up this valuable event.

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