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Here you will find some of the conditions that we treat regularly at our office in New York City at Midtown Manhattan. We provide comprehensive care using different specialties like, Physical Medicine, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy. We accept all insurances including, united healthcare, blue cross blue shield, Oxford, No fault, Workers Compensation, Aetna and so on.

Wrist Pain - Information About Causes of Wrist Pain
Wrist pain is an extremely common complaint that has many causes. Because we use our arms for so many common activities, wrist pain can cause significant problems. In order for proper treatment of wrist pain, the cause of the problem must be identified.

Wrist Arthritis
Wrist arthritis is a problem that can cause pain and difficulty performing normal activities. There are several causes of wrist arthritis, and fortunately there are a number of treatments for wrist arthritis.

Wrist Tendonitis
Wrist tendonitis, a common problem that can cause pain and swelling around the wrist. Wrist tendonitis is due to inflammation of the tendon sheath. Treatment of wrist tendonitis usually is physical therapy and does not require surgery.

Wrist Sprain
Wrist sprains are common injuries to the ligaments around the wrist joint. Wrist sprains can cause problems by limiting the use of our hands.

Ganglion Cyst
Wrist ganglion cysts are lumps around the wrist and hand. Wrist ganglion cysts are benign collections of synovial fluid that arise either from a joint or tendon sheath.

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