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If you are in pain or discomfort, please contact our office to schedule an appointment or consultation (if the pain is extreme, or it is occurring outside of normal business hours, you will want to seek emergency medical help). Scheduling an appointment with our specialists is easy. Simply complete the Appointment Form on this page, send an e-mail, or call us!

Let us know a bit about you
You will get the most out of your visit with us if we can gather some information now about you, and what’s bothering you. As a time-saver, you can download a medical history form complete it, and bring it with you. We respond to requests as soon as possible, either by phone or e-mail. If necessary, you have the option to cancel.

Convenient hours, and location
Appointments are available Monday through Friday. Our experienced professionals will be happy to answer questions or concerns that you might have, and to fully explain the way we work. Comments, ideas, and suggestions about our treatment options are welcome by phone or e-mail.

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